$22 inside on the Come Out Roll

Here is the 22 inside Bet for the come out roll

IntroBankroll needed——place $22 inside on the come out roll, no other bet at this time

$44 inside if 7 shows, 7 again, place $110 inside and double up from their, after first number hit on first time roll on this shooter you put a bet on the don’t come (dc) $5, if next number hits you take down the place bet and put $10 on dc bet and now next roll lay $10 on dc, another place bet hit take down all place bets and continue to bet $10 on dc and not ever any odds except if dc bet hit 2nd time then you keep your profit and place single odds.

dc bets for odds, 4 and 10–10,30,100, now 15 on dc on ten time table 700,1800, 4000, 9600 if odds bet that high. comment- Frontier had ten times odds and 10,000 max odds bet, I hit them for 32,000 in seven days playing 5 two hour sessions and 20 minute breaks for 7 days a total of 35 sessions and never lost one. Had the owner and mgr watching after the 5th day, next time I went 2000 max odds bet. So you need a ten time table min. and not less then 7000 max on odds bet, but 10000, ideal.

5 and 9–9-15-30-75- 180-450 1200-3000-7500

6 and 8-6-12-30-60-120-300-600-960-2100-4200,9600—remember you are only loaning the money on the table a 7 and it all comes back and even on a long roll a 7 is roll on the come out roll, and start all over on the first odds for dc you lose a roll as you put double odds on that dc bet. You have to increase your dc bets to be able to lay the right odds bet but when you go over $25 you put a bet on the come bet like this $50 dc you put $25 on come bet and $1.00 on 12 always cover your 12 to cover you come bet. So for a few dollars you can bet high odds. at no risk to the 12.

You have to watch what your worst bet out that and make the proper dc and come bet to be able to get the right odds. You also must control the game so you can get your bet down if you don’t have the proper chips ready, as the come bettors are being paid off so stick man busy and dice are given out when he finishes and you don’t get your odds bet down so you have to say hold those dice, I need to get my bet down. Also tell the chairman that when ever you bets are on the table they are always working because on your place bets are put off after point made and it could cost you money. This last section is problems I ran into, so be careful.

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