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Texas Station Las Vegas One of the most popular casinos in North Las Vegas is the Texas Station. This casino and hotel uses the State of Texas as a theme. The gambling action is big, and the dining options include Texas steaks and Texas BBQ. If you are looking for a Las Vegas casino that is a little off the beaten path, the Texas Station could be the place for you.

In this review of the Texas Station Las Vegas casino we are going to look at its history, the games offered, and a few other details about the property. This review should help you when planning your next trip to Sin City and your possible stay at texas station las vegas nevada.

About Texas Station Las Vegas

Texas Station is owned by the Station Casinos company. It was opened in 1995 by a native Texan, Frank Fertitta, Jr. The theme of the casino was meant to be a tribute to Fertitta’s home state. At the time of its opening, Texas Station was the largest casino in North Las Vegas. This area is situated off the legendary Strip.

There are 200 hotel rooms at the casino, and it occupies more than 47 acres. There are many amenities on the property which include various restaurants, a movie theater, and even a child care facility. There are also two wedding chapels and a bowling alley.

The theme of the casino is meant to evoke Texas. As such, there are areas themed after large cities in Texas like Dallas and Austin. There are also nods to the history of gambling in Texas, which existed long before live casino gambling made its way to Las Vegas.

Casino Games at Texas Station Las Vegas

The gaming area of this Las Vegas live Texas casino is a large 121,000 square feet. It should come as no surprise that the majority of this gaming area is devoted to slot machines. The classic three-reel slots that helped to build Vegas are everywhere, and players still flock to the vintage machines.

Many of the classic slots at Texas Station still accept actual coins. Some players like the feel of sitting down to play a slot machine and dropping half-dollar or dollar tokens into the slot and pulling the handle. Those who want a real Las Vegas experience should give this type of gaming a try. Plus, you can make your money last a little longer when you are taking the time to manually spin the wheel.

Of course, there are rows and rows of video slot machines with entertaining themes. These games have multiple reels for you to spin. They can be played for as little as $0.01 per line, but you will need to play the maximum number of lines if you want to win the most money. A good rule of thumb is to expect each spin to cost about $1.

Progressive slot machines have been included at Texas Station. These are the slots that give players the chance to win the most money. With a single spin on a progressive slot machine you can have a chance to win more than $1 million dollars. There are hundreds of players who have scored five and six-figure jackpots when playing a progressive slot machine at this Texas-themed Las Vegas casino.

Video poker and a keno room are also available, and bingo is a popular attraction.

Sports Betting and Horse Racing Betting at Texas Station

This wouldn’t be much of a Las Vegas casino if there was not a sportsbook. Since the casino is themed after Texas, there is also a horse racing betting parlor. Players can wager on their favorite sports or horse racing tracks in comfort.

Racing is simulcast at the casino from horse racing tracks all over the world. The betting menu is the same one found at live tracks. When it comes to betting on sports, bettors can make wagers on both collegiate and professional sporting events from around the world.

How Texas Station Las Vegas Ranks for Blackjack and Craps

Craps and blackjack are two mainstays of Las Vegas casinos. They are also the two table games that give the player the best chance to win. Both are available at Texas Station, and there are even a few blackjack variations that you can play.

If you want to play craps at Texas Station, just listen for the cheers from the bettors. You can follow the sound to the craps pit where there are multiple tables available. At the busiest times of the day or week every craps table in the casino may be open.

A $10 minimum bet is required at many Texas Station craps games, but you can make some proposition bets for as little as $1. The table limits may be less if you choose to play at the casino during non-peak times.

As for blackjack, there are multiple tables available. There are tables for standard blackjack, Double Deck Blackjack, and variant games like Royal Match Blackjack. For the best odds it is recommended that you stick with the basic variety of the game.

Those who count cards will want to play the Double Deck Blackjack game. There may even be a single deck game available on occasion. This is at the casino’s discretion, and the game can be removed without advanced notice.

Our View of Texas Station Live Las Vegas Casino

There are many live casinos to choose from when you make your next visit to Las Vegas. The Texas Station offers a few advantages such as:

  • A quieter location off the Strip in North Las Vegas
  • Many amenities for players
  • Inexpensive room rates
  • Child care facilities on site

Those who want access to many different types of casino games should think about Texas Station. There is also the sportsbook and racebook to consider. For more information, visit https://www.texasstation.com/

Of course, you don’t have to leave Texas to play casino games online for real money. Be sure to check out some of the online casinos we have recommended. Many accept players from Texas, and all of them reward new players with a casino bonus package.


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