Taking and Laying the Odds in Craps

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Taking and laying the odds in craps is a subject that gives some people a little bit of difficulty. It is a simple thing to execute once you understand the difference. This is one of the ways that expert craps players exploit the game for profit.

Always remember that craps is a fast-paced game. You can lose or win a lot of money in a short period of time. Be sure you understand the proper way of taking and laying the odds in craps before you attempt it in online or live play.

About Taking the Odds

When referring to “The Odds” we are speaking of a casino bet in which the odds are fair and true. This is a very unique situation in the game of craps or in any casino game. It is not to the casino’s advantage to offer a true odds bet to players.

This particular bet has a zero house edge. It is a side bet that is related to the point that has been created by the shooter. You are betting that certain numbers will appear before a 7 is rolled. The numbers are grouped together as such:

  • The 4 and the 10 – Pays 2-1
  • The 5 and the 9 – Pays 3-2
  • The 6 and the 8 – Pays 6-5

There are most often limitations on how much you can bet on these wagers. The casino seeks to control how much action is put on these bets because the house is not making money from them.

About Laying the Odds

When we are laying the odds in craps, the exact opposite is true. We are betting that a 7 will be rolled before the established point is made. This is also a zero house edge bet. The same pairings of numbers on this bet also apply:

  • The 4 and the 10 – Pays 2-1
  • The 5 and the 9 – Pays 3-2
  • The 6 and the 8 – Pays 6-5

There are some craps players who always prefer to lay the odds. They reckon that it is more likely a 7 will appear on any given roll. From a statistical standpoint, that is correct.

Important Note About Odds Bets and Wagering Bonus Requirements

If you happen to be playing craps at an online casino and want to satisfy the wagering requirement, there is something you should know about odds bets. The wagering requirement is how many times you have to play through an amount of bonus money before you are allowed to cash it out. At some online casinos this number can be very high.

By visiting CrapsPit, I hope you learn how to play craps, by studying the Craps Rules before you venture off to Play Craps Online. Here we also offer a free craps game, great to practice placing bets.

Because the true odds bets offers no real value to the casino, it is often not considered when fulfilling a wagering requirement. Each dollar that you wager on an odds bet will not be counted toward playing through your bonus money.

The reason an online casino does this is pretty simple and straightforward. They want to try and make sure the player cashes as little bonus money as possible. The entire point of offering players a bonus is to entice them to play more often and deposit real cash to their account.

Should You Be Taking or Laying the Odds

There is an argument to be made for both sides of the coin in this case. It is a subject that is hotly debated among professional craps players. Both side can be used profitably, but there are a few things worth pointing out.

Some people have a sentimentality that begs them to bet with the live shooter. They want to see the shooter win because they will also be shooting soon. This mentality can even carry over to the online arena where the player is always the shooter. It may even be stronger because laying the odds is perceived to be betting against oneself.

It is also true that once the come out roll has been made and the point has been established, laying the odds becomes more attractive. After all, there are many ways a 7 can be made with the dice. What you have to remember is that the edge on laying odds is zero. The house edge on a Don’t Pass or Don’t Come wager is 1.36%.

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