Trade-in Strategy

The Craps “trade-in” system
>Submitted by visitor  November 17th 2012

Want to share a very simple craps betting strategy/system. I have won every time I go to Vegas! Once I make 50 percent of my bankroll I walk.

Bet the don’t pass.
Take max odds on 2-10
5-9.Never 6-8- because your trading in this number)
IF the point is 6-8- make a don’t come bet the same amount as the line. If the don’t come number is 4-10-5-9- PULL the don’t pass bet. And wait – no more bets. ( take the same odds as line bet) if the don’t come
point is 6-8. Bet it Off with a lay bet and no more bets.
Note- if you still have a don’t come point, after the pass line point is hit- make no more bets- just let it play out.

( thinking: you never bet against a 6-8-7) just put yourself in a better percent bet and the odds with come to you.

Repeat. I look for cold tables- hit and run! love this! I call it the “trade-in”

I know I going against all pure craps thinking with this- BUT it works.

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