The Tower Craps System

The Tower Craps System Review

Craps is an exciting online casino game that involves a large number of bets. Players who know how to use those bets can make a lot of money in a short period of time. The Tower craps system focuses on the place bets that can pay out on every single roll.

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This a review of the Tower craps betting system. You’ll learn how to make the bets, when to press them, and when to take your profit and leave. Remember, always use care when playing craps. You can lose fast when you are not paying attention.

About the Tower Craps System

This system has been introduced and promoted by the CEG Dealer School in Las Vegas, Nevada. You can watch a video about the Tower craps system on the school’s YouTube page. CEG trains dealers for the major casinos in Las Vegas.

A starting buy-in of $500 is recommended for the Tower craps system. We will be approaching the system as though you were playing it at a $5 minimum table. This would work. We always recommend a beginning bankroll of at least 50X the table minimum when you are playing craps.

You will always be following the puck with this system. This means that when the puck is ON your bets will be working. When the puck is OFF your bets will not be working. For example, place bets will generally be OFF on the come out roll.

The entire point of this system is to take advantage of a hot roll to build what is known as a tower. The tower then allows you to make a profit with the house’s money on your place bets.

How the Tower Craps System Works

You will begin using the system at the beginning of a new roll. This means when a new shooter has taken the dice. Or, if you are playing online, begin at the start of a new roll. Make your line bet of the craps table minimum. At some online casinos you can even play for as little as $1 per hand.

You will then make a place bet on all of the numbers on the side. These numbers are 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10. The amount to make all of these bets will be $64 across. The 6 and 8 are $12 each while the other numbers are $10. You will now start to build your tower once the come out roll has been made.

If the come out roll is a 7, collect your line bet and place the line bet again. Retain the profit. If the come out roll establishes a point, remove that bet from the place line along with the bet opposite and place these on the 6 and 8.

It may sound confusing, but let’s say the point is a 4. You then take down the place bets on the 4 and the 10, placing them on the 6 and 8. If the next roll is a 5, take down the 5 and the 9 and place those on the 6 and 8. You are then looking to hit the place bet for the 6 and 8 to complete your tower setup.

In this craps betting system you are always pressing to the 6 and 8, the most common numbers on the place line. These numbers will be rolled more often than others. You pull profits to the 6 and 8, and when one of these hits you will be able to finish your tower.

When the 6 or 8 comes after you have pressed the profits, take the 6 and the 8 place bets down and make a new bet of $64 across. You are now playing all the place bets with the profits you have made. Your tower will produce a win on almost every roll that is pure profit. The only way to lose is for the shooter to crap out.

If the shooter craps out, you have lost all the place bets. But if you have built the tower this means that you are only losing the profit that you have made.

Some craps players prefer to take down the points bet and use it for an odds bet behind the line. This is up to you. You can do that and increase your winnings when the point is made.

Once you have built the tower, remain in the hand until you lose the place bets. They will continue making a profit for you as long as the shooter’s streak continues. That is a very good position to be in at the craps table, and a hot streak can make you vast sums of money.

There is no profit goal given in this system. We think this is not ideal. You should decide beforehand what your profit goal is and be ready to leave when that goal is reached. Do not get greedy. Greed will lead you to push beyond what is reasonable and leave broke. Just like all other games in the casino, craps has a built-in house edge. You cannot expect to keep playing and win in the long run. Capitalize on your streak and walk away.

The Tower craps system is not one that is recommended for beginners at craps. The reason for this is that the betting action can be fast, and new players may not understand all the different bets that can be made. It is suggested that you become familiar with the game first before you start to use the Tower craps betting system.

Why Use a Betting System or Strategy in Craps?

We think it would be foolish for you to play craps live or online without using some type of betting system. The reason for this is very simple. To make money at craps you need to be playing more than the line bet. To play the other bets requires a disciplined approach. No system means no discipline.

Simply put, you are asking for trouble when you sit down and just throw money on the table. There is no bettor who can hope to win at the game of craps without having some type of betting system in place.

In the game of craps the use of the terms system and strategy are somewhat synonymous. This is unlike blackjack where the terms can have different meanings. In craps each result of the dice roll is random. There is no action by the player that can influence the outcome of the hand. None. All that you can manipulate in craps is the roll of the dice.

Tower Craps System Pros and Cons

Let’s take a moment to recap the pros and cons of this system:


  • Can produce large profits
  • Can be used in online craps
  • Maximizes the use of profits


  • Not a great system for the beginner
  • Requires a big investment
  • Depends on a hot streak

Do you think you are ready to try the Tower craps betting system online? We suggest that you play at one of our recommended online casinos. You can play for just $1 per hand, and you can also receive free bonus money when you make your first deposit.

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