Triple Lux Craps System

Are you looking for a craps system that can be used with different unit amounts? The Triple Lux craps system has been known to produce a profit of $24,000 when used properly. You can play it at a $5 table, a $10 table, or even online for micro stakes. This is a system that can benefit both the beginner and the experienced craps player.

Always remember that craps is a fast-paced game which can get out of hand quickly. We recommend playing it online so that you are able to control the tempo of the game to your liking.

About the Triple Lux Craps System

We became aware of this craps system through a video that was produced by the CEG Dealer School in Las Vegas. This school teaches aspiring craps dealers how to get a job in Las Vegas. You can check out the Triple Lux Craps system video on the school’s YouTube channel.

This system for craps betting was demonstrated and modified by one of the primary instructors at the school. It is unknown where the system specifically originated. Sometimes it can be difficult to track down the very first appearance of a system. What matters most is its effectiveness.

In practice the Triple Lux is not a difficult system to master. The math is not hard and there are always dealers at the live table to assist you with your wagers. We should make you aware that the bank roll requirements of the system can be high because you are going to be covering all the place bets on the table. That is usually a $64 minimum bet when you are playing at a $10 table.

There have been some amazing success stories about this system. The instructor who demonstrated the system claims to have cashed out $24,000 in a single session. It is also said that one lucky player made $400,000 when using a $500 buy-in. These results are just examples, and you should not expect to win this much money with any craps system.

How the Triple Lux Craps System Works

There are elements of the Triple Lux craps system that are complex, but you mostly need to understand that you will be hinging your success on place bets that are pressed and power pressed. You will be using the profits from your winning wagers to increase your bets. This allows you to play with the house’s money. There is a lot of pressing involved in the Triple Lux.

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Place bets are made in the long box of numbers against the side of the craps table. In this box you will find spots for the 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10. When you cover these spots with a bet you will be paid each time that number is rolled until the player shooting the dice craps out. What you want to do with this system is make your place bets, press them up with your winnings, and leave with a large profit.

We mentioned that the bankroll requirements for this system are high. If you are playing at a $10 table you will need to make a presser bet of $64 across on the place bets and a power presser of the same amount. You are allowed to “buy” spots on the place line in many casinos, and that is exactly what you will be doing.

You want to get three hits to cover your investment. You will then be in profit and can run those profits up to your desired level. The simplicity of the system is this: find a hot roll, capitalize on it, and get out of the table.

On the power presser end of the bet you will be making larger wagers, adding about $10 extra dollars to your pressed bet at a minimum. This is why we mentioned that the Triple Lux craps system has a high bankroll requirement. If you are working with a smaller bankroll, you can limit your coverage to the inside numbers on the place line.

Why Use a Betting System of Strategy in Craps?

We will state right up front that no craps betting system is perfect. We will also state that you need to use one when you are playing the game online or in a live casino. When you have no craps betting strategy you have no strategy at all. The reason for this is that your money management is one of the only things in craps that you can control.

Craps is a game of random results. The dice produce a random roll each time. In blackjack the cards are also dealt in a random fashion but you are then given the opportunity to act on your hand in a number of ways. See more about blackjack at Being able to act on your hand introduces an element of strategy that is not present in craps.

What you can do is use money management as a type of craps strategy. Money management for craps depends upon several things to work. It must have betting win and loss limits, and the player must have the discipline to walk away from the table when they have made a large profit.

In the Triple Lux craps system you are in control of the amount of money that you want to make. This can be a good thing but it can also serve up some trouble. Some players give in to greed and push the system too far. They will eventually lose their bets and a large portion of their bankroll.

You should ask yourself how big your win needs to be in order to be satisfying. Maybe you don’t need to win $24,000 like the person who demonstrated this system. Maybe you don’t need a $400,000 payday. Sure, we all dream of winning money like that. But maybe a $4,000 or even a $400 win would be a lot of money for us.

Playing the Triple Lux Craps System Online

Those who are new to the system or even to the game of craps itself might want to think about playing the Triple Lux at their favorite online casino. The main reason for this is that you can have a much smaller bankroll when you play online. The minimum craps bet is often just $1.

Of course, you will need more money that that to cover all the spots on the place line. Still, you will be saving more money than you would have if you had chosen to test the system at a live casino.

Triple Lux Craps System Pros and Cons

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of the Triple Lux craps system.


  • Can produce big profits in a short period of time
  • Relatively simple compared to other systems
  • Can be used by both a beginner and experienced player who wants bigger profits


  • Requires a large bankroll
  • Depends upon the player’s disciplined approach

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