Craps Tournaments

In the world of casino games, craps tournaments have become increasingly popular in recent years. Tournaments give players the opportunity to observe expert players and to achieve expert levels themselves, often in a relatively modest amount of time.

The Advent of Televised Gambling Events

In the last few years, television channels such as the Travel Channel and ESPN have gotten into the gambling game by televising events such as major poker and blackjack tournaments. These tournaments have allowed worldwide audiences the opportunity to familiarize themselves with games that were once only seen in casino venues. The attraction of these games has led to legions of new players and fans. In fact, some argue the exposure via television has literally spawned sports-like enthusiasm for the games.

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Although Craps has yet to find the same level of televised tournament, it is one of the most vigorous games in the casino and is enjoying its own increasing popularity.

Craps Tournaments

Most casinos have regularly scheduled Craps tournaments. Some casinos even have daily tournaments. Tournaments are different from craps played on the casino floor, however. Players who participate in tournaments bet against each other, as opposed to the house. Players must be experienced with betting strategies and be able to monitor other players’ wagering in order to win.

Experienced craps players advise that craps tournaments, as they stand currently, are not for everyone. Tournaments can be expensive pursuits with stiff entrance fees and confusing betting systems. Regulars recommend that players who want to break into tournaments do so gingerly. Craps tournaments often have their own proprietary rules which players should be aware of in advance. Most have set minimum bets.

Many Craps tournaments are known as Long Roll tournaments. In a long roll tournament the winner is determined by the shooter who can throw the most rolls of the dice before rolling the losing 7, or sevening out.

Craps Pros

There are some players who claim to be craps pros. There are tales of pro individuals and teams who travel the country playing craps tournaments for big cash winnings. For many experienced crapshooters, however, the idea of a craps pro is a bit of an anomaly. There can be no such person in a game of chance, experts say and at we agree.