What happens to come bets when the passline point wins?

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For details on Come bets, including details about your question, please refer to our article on Come bets. The sample Come-bet scenario in that article helps make it easy to understand. Here’s a summary (but we highly suggest you read the article). Assuming your Come bet is on a different number than the point, when the shooter hits her point, … Read More

Come Bet vs Place Bet

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In the past i was a “come bettor” and then realized that the “place bet” was a better alternative. I have a page discussing why this is the case and you can read it here “Place Bet VS. Come bet” Below is a response received July 3 2013 that i wanted to share since others may be interested and perhaps … Read More

Craps Table Layout Overview

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Layout of a Craps Table Craps can be an extremely intimidating game. The lingo is completely indecipherable without prior experience, there are a number of faux pas a player can commit without knowing that can turn everyone at the table against him, and the large crowd gathered around the table makes everything you do feel highly scrutinized. But once you … Read More