Come Bet vs Place Bet

In the past i was a “come bettor” and then realized that the “place bet” was a better alternative. I have a page discussing why this is the case and you can read it here “Place Bet VS. Come bet” Below is a response received July 3 2013 that i wanted to share since others may be interested and perhaps also prefer the come bet.

Thanks for your site. I was looking for the craps payouts on the come bets and came across your blog. I see that you use to bet the come bet but feel that the place bets pay out better. In the example you use that may be the case, but consider this.

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When a person is making place bet, he is also usually making a passline bet. You mentioned money management and I use the come bet exactlyfor that reason. It’s a great feeling while everyone else is crappingout, I’m racking in the chips. Here’s how. Sometimes I will play the pass line, sometimes not. Point is established. I’ll place odd because that is a good bet with the payout, especially with the 4 and 10. Butthen I’ll place a come bet, while everyone else is covering most or allof the numbers. So my exposure is only the pass line and my come betplus odds. The table minimums here is $10 and I will usually place $15 on the pass line, when I play it, and $30-$45 odds. It depends on how the table is doing. Point is established. I place my come bet and thenodds afterwards. This keeps my exposure to a minimum. I will make twoto three come bets and usually one of my numbers will hit before theshooter 7s out.

As of lately, I’ve been racking up on the come bet while others are losing. In fact, out of the last five sessions, four were winners, bringing $500-$750 each. I’m a small bettor…. Sure you can lose, butbetting the come bet for me helps to manage the money. It only takesone hot shooter to get you back in the game if everyone is crappingout. When I have a come bet, I always cover it with a crap check andthat’s always when they throw box cars, snake eyes or ace deuce. Sothat always covers my come bet.

I did not know that the odds on a come bet were off on the come out. I always thought I was getting paid, so I did not know how to properly get paid. That’s why I was looking. So you did teach me something. I will check it out tomorrow. I usually buy in for $400 and when I double my money, I’m gone. I will make sure I tell them my odds are on – but I do like getting my odds back if a 7 comes But that being the case, I will just hope the 7s on the come out to protect the odds. See you can learn something no matter your experience level.

Thanks for the info.