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The ways in which the Internet has allowed novice gamblers to experiment with games that would intimidate them in a brick-and-mortar casino environment have radically reshaped the global gaming landscape. This truth is exemplified by the game of craps perhaps more than any other.

A large majority of everyday people who visit Las Vegas, Atlantic City or the nearest Native American-owned casino limit themselves to simple games like slots and blackjack. The prospect of stepping up to the craps table, where they will inevitably become the center of attention when the dice is passed into their hands, becomes too much to contemplate. The beauty of online gaming is that you can learn the intricacies of craps in the safety and anonymous comfort of home.

It’s important to understand from the very start that all the skill associated with playing craps is related to managing your bets. Since even the most skilled players cannot affect the spin of an honest set of dice in a real casino (and even less so when using cyber-dice!) all strategy must be predicated on assessing the smart wager at every point in the game.

So, as not to get carried away with the emotion that almost always accompanies a good round of craps, you should set a loss limit for yourself before the game commences. It’s also not a bad idea to establish a walk away limit for winnings; though you’ll probably need an iron will to respect this limit if you start to get a hot hand.

When it comes to getting a handle on the bets themselves, a good guideline to keep in your head is that only a few bets come with a reasonable house edge. The most common of these are pass line bets backed by free odds, come bets backed by free odds, and place bets on 6 or 8. Clearly, many players will engage in wagers that fall outside these rather limited parameters, but these folks are either highly skilled or very stupid. The beginning craps enthusiast should operate within these betting strictures until a solid sense of confidence (not to mention a safe chip stack) has started to accumulate.

You will often hear craps players espouse a “hit-and-run” approach to betting. Again, this can be valuable when wielded by someone who’s racked up some time at the cyber-tables. Only when you’ve come to truly understand the advanced wagers and feel you can win big and quickly, is it a good idea to bet the long odds. Once you’ve succeeded with the “hit” part of this strategy, be sure not to forget the “run” end of it as well. In other words, get out quickly after you score, or the chips won’t stay in your hand very long.

Finally, avoid the proposition bets as if they were hazardous materials. These have the very worst odds at the cyber-tables, and are favored only by fools and masochistic madmen. Hope you enjoyed the  online craps tips and good luck at the tables!