DP Pressure Craps System

Craps is one of our favorite casino games. Why? Because it gives you the opportunity to win a large sum of money quickly. Your chances also improve when you use a craps betting system. The DP Pressure craps betting system is a way to take advantage of a cold table. When things are running in favor of the house, you will still be able to make vast sums of money with this system.

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We have decided to produce a DP Pressure craps betting system review that will help you understand the simplicity of this method. This review will show you how to make the correct bet placements on the craps table, give you an exit target, and also discuss the pros and cons of the system.

About the DP Pressure Craps System

The DP Pressure is a method of bankroll management and betting for craps players. The DP stands for Don’t Pass, and the Pressure relates to how bets are pressed after a win with this system. The system was invented to take advantage of the house edge in craps. When you use this system, you will essentially be betting with the house instead of against it.

The system depends upon a cold table. It looks for four shooters in a row to crap out without winning. When this happens, you will be collecting a profit from your Don’t Pass wager. The only bets made in this system are made on the Don’t Pass line, and also in the select spot on the field which covers the 7 or 11 on the come out roll.

This is not a complex system. The bets are simple. What you must understand is that you will be paying a premium on some wagers to the house. This is because you are taking advantage of the house edge.

Why is it smart to bet with the house in craps? You should already know the answer. The house always wins in every casino game over the long run. You can, too, but you still need to use discretion and know when to walk away with a profit.

How the DP Pressure System Works

The suggested buy-in with the DP Pressure craps betting system is $1,000. That would be for a $5 table, but you might also be able to play with a $10 minimum. If you were playing online, you could reduce the table minimum to $1. That could mean that you would need a much smaller bankroll.

The system was designed to make a $100 minimum bet on the Don’t Pass line, and also to take the maximum odds. With the $1,000 starting bankroll you can make a beginning wager of $30 on the Don’t Pass line. You’ll be looking to complete a progression of 4 winning bets in a row. The line bet will be increased by $10 each time:

  •  First bet is $30
  •  Second bet is $40
  •  Third bet is $50
  •  Fourth bet is $60

All of these bets are made on the Don’t Pass line.

Now, you will also need to hedge your bet against a 7 or an 11 being rolled on the come out. The way that you do this is to make a hedge bet on any 7 and the 11. These spots are located on the craps table just to the left of the Field and designated by the small circles with C and E. The amount of the hedge depends upon the bet you make on the line. The idea is to bet enough that these bets will allow you to break even if you lose your Don’t Pass bet on the first roll.

If a point is set on the first roll, you will then take the maximum odds offered behind the line. Some casinos will offer 100X odds, other may offer 10X odds. This is basically another bet stating that a 7 will be rolled before the point is made, causing the player to crap out.

That’s all there is to it. You want four players in a row to crap out. When this happens you will have managed to make a tidy profit.

Exit Strategies for the DP Pressure System

With a $1,000 bankroll you may want to raise your profit target just a little. We know some craps players that are willing to have a target of $1,000 profit for a session. We would not go so far as to suggest you try to double your entire bankroll. A profit of $250-$500 might be a more reasonable goal.

Is the DP Pressure a Craps Strategy or a Craps System?

In a game like blackjack there is a difference between a system and a strategy. In craps this is not so. This is because craps is essentially a betting game, not a dice game. The dice are only a means to an end. The facilitate the betting.

Strategy in craps must involve the placement of bets. In craps you do not act on your hand as you do in blackjack. Instead, you only bet on the outcomes of the dice rolls. Craps strategy and a craps system are one and the same, you can see our preferred craps strategy.

Playing the DP Pressure System Online

A good way to practice the DP Pressure craps system is to give it a try online. You can often find online craps games for $1 per hand or roll. This means that you would have a much lower bankroll requirement when you play online. You can also slow down the game to your liking, and not one will be pressuring you to get your bets down.

We also like online casinos because many of them are willing to give you a bonus when you sign up for your account. Many will even match your first deposit up to a certain amount. That means free money to practice your craps system skills.

Pros and Cons of the DP Pressure

These are some advantages and disadvantages of the system that players should consider.


  •  Only four bets required
  •  Can produce a large profit in a short time
  •  Takes advantage of the house edge


  •  Large bankroll requirement
  •  Depends on a cold table
  •  Chasing the progression without completing it can be costly

Our View of the DP Pressure Craps Betting System

This is a good system for the experienced craps player that wants to have a chance to win large sums in a single session. It does have its risk, as all forms of gambling do, but these are mitigated somewhat because the player is betting with the house. You’ll give up some profit by betting with the house, but you will still have the overall odds in your favor.

Experienced craps players may not like the system because it requires a larger bankroll. Those new to the game are advised to start with a system that calls for a smaller investment. If you still want to try the DP Pressure craps system with limited funds, consider playing it online.

If you are ready to give it a try, check out one of our recommended online casinos today before you Play Craps For Real Money. Check out some safe online casinos such as Sunpalace, Casino Max,  or slotsplus.

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