Craps for Dummies

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When visiting a casino, the craps table is likely to be the most animated, loud and lively of the tables. New players and those unfamiliar with the game may be intimidated by all the noise and the speed at which the game moves, and it is certainly one of the most fun and exciting games at the casino. Craps is a very fast moving game, and paying attention to what is going on at the craps table is important.

Reasons People Like Craps

The game of craps is a very fast-paced and exciting game yet even dummies can play it. There is often much fun that is had around the craps table, and the randomness of the dice can lead to runs of luck, both bad and good. As such, you never know what you’re going experience at the craps table, and this often leads to a lot of noise, cheering and booing at the table.

In addition, unless you go for some of the more esoteric bets, the house has a very low edge when it comes to craps. This means that it pays out significantly better than other games, with less going to the house.

Craps is popular with both gambling veterans as well as newcomers to the tables. The game itself is easy to learn on a basic level, but offers those willing to take bigger risks and make more complex bets to do so.

Although you may feel awkward at first, it won’t be long before you are really getting into the game and having a blast. Especially as a newcomer to the game, however, you will want to stick with the more basic bets and save those more complicated bets for the times when you feel far more comfortable as a craps player.

The Craps Shooter

The shooter is the person that is rolling the dice. The shooter can change from round to round, and you will be betting on what the shooter rolls. There are over forty bets available in a standard craps table layout, but many of them have terrible odds. The main bet you need to be worried about as a novice craps player is the passline bet, which will be discussed in a moment.

The Comeout Roll in Craps

Craps shoots consist of either one or a series of rolls by the shooter. The first roll in this series is the comeout roll. The result of the comeout roll determines what the next step in the process is.

The Passline Bet

Before a new shooter makes his or her comeout roll, you will want to place a bet on the passline bet area. The amount on this bet will differ depending on the exact table and casino you are playing at, so be careful not to waltz up to a high stakes $10,000 table when all you want is to play the $5 table.

The passline bet is the most simple bet on the table, and also is the one with the best odds. It is especially good for newcomers and those that want a more sure thing. It certainly doesn’t pay out as much as the more “dangerous” and high risk bets do, but as someone new to the game you definitely want to play it safe. You want to be careful not to get caught up in the excitement while playing and begin to make less safe bets, at least until you have learned the ropes a bit or have a bit more money to play around with.

Comeout Roll Outcomes

If the comeout roll is a 7 or 11, you automatically win your passline bet. If the comeout roll is a 2, 3 or 12 you automatically lose your bet. If the shooter rolls any other number, that number becomes what is called the point. A marker is placed on the table next to that number.

Next, the shooter must roll again. If the shooter rolls a number equal to the point, you win. If the shooter rolls a 7 before he or she rolls the point number, you lose and that round is over. Play then commences with a new comeout roll, and the dice pass to the next shooter.

For example, if the shooter rolls a 5 on the comeout roll, then the point number becomes five. The shooter then rolls until he or she either gets a five in which case all people betting on the pass line win, or a seven is rolled in which case all people betting on the pass line lose.

Craps Table Etiquette

As with many other things in life, there is a certain etiquette that it is best to follow when playing craps. One of the biggest pieces of table etiquette in craps is to move your hands out of the way of the table when the shooter is preparing to make his or her roll. You don’t want to accidentally bump one of the dice.

When placing bets, each spot at the table has its own area where bets should be placed, directly in front of that area. Make sure to cleanly place your bets in the designated area as this will help to keep things straight.

Most dealers are not allowed to take money directly from your hand. Make sure to place all bets and money on the table, and explain what the money is for. Check out some safe reviewed casino such as Sun Palace, Casino Max, or Slots Plus to play craps for real money. Here you will learn how to play craps, find the best craps strategy and also how to win at craps.

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