Hot Craps Table & Cold Craps Table

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Choppy to semi-hot tables When I first start to play craps, I watch the rolls of the first two shooters. If they are throwing a lot of numbers before making a point or sevening out, I determine that the table is choppy or turning hot. I then adjust my bets accordingly. If there are a lot of numbers being thrown … Read More

Craps for Dummies

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When visiting a casino, the craps table is likely to be the most animated, loud and lively of the tables. New players and those unfamiliar with the game may be intimidated by all the noise and the speed at which the game moves, and it is certainly one of the most fun and exciting games at the casino. Craps is … Read More

Craps Payout Table

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Below you will find a general craps Payout table. This may vary between some casinos so always check with the casino to get their payout tables.    Also, head over to the table of contents to find more great content.

132 Inside Bet

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A variation of the 22 Inside or the 66 Inside strategies. You’ll probably need to bring $300 to $500 to the table to begin play if you will use the 132 inside bet method. I’ve had success with the 66 Inside Method and thought that this 132 Inside Method may be even better.If you make it through just one out … Read More

Craps Terms

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There are many craps terms that may look and sound strange to those who haven’t played craps before. If you need an explanation to any of the terms used in the game of craps, please look in the dictionary below. Any Craps – A bet that the shooter will get 2, 3 or 12 on the next roll. The bet … Read More

3 Point Molly D'ont

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Don’t pass bet & 2 don’t come bets Here is how i play the 3 point molly make a don’t pass bet If it’s a 4 or 10, lay 2x odds If it’s a 5 or 9, lay 1.5x odds If it’s a 6 or 8 do not lay odds Follow with a don’t come until you have 3 points … Read More