2410 Craps Method

2410 Craps Method to win Money explained here.

Although this system in theory is a very very risky system , I have been extremely successful with it.

I don’t by any means claim this system to be mine but I named it 2410 because you want 2 hits on the four or 10. You can choose the number of shooters and your own bankroll but I personally go with a 25 shooter bankroll.

Just for the sake of making it easy to understand I will use my starting bet at $100 although I really do it with $25.

The system is very easy. Starting with shooter #1, you buy either the 4 or the 10 for $100. The casino will charge you 5% for buying it, so it will cost you $105. If your number hits once you win $200 for a total of $300. Now you parley it. You buy it again for $300 and pay $315. If it hits again you have $900. Take $800 down and start all over again.

Like I said, in theory it is a horrible system, but that is why I bankroll myself for 25 shooters. If a shooter 7’s out I just start right over again after a point is established. I don’t know if I am just lucky but I am not lying when I say I have been very very successful with this. The worst I have done is just about break even because the parlay only happened three times in 25 shooters.

I must tell you that I am very strict with my 25 shooter bankroll. I put my original bankroll on 1 rail and I put my winnings in another one. When the original bankroll is gone I take my chips from the winning rail and call it a session. I in no way guarantee this system, but it really has worked so well for me I thought I would share it.


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