The Fastest Winning Craps Strategy

Everyone that plays craps for fun or profit wants to get off to a good start. Nothing builds confidence like winning a lot of money quickly at the craps table. This is why you should spend some time learning the fastest winning craps strategy.

Let’s backtrack real quick. Actually, there is more than one strategy for winning fast money at craps. What we are speaking of is a strategy that will work for you with limited risk. You want something that will prevent you from getting swept away by the raging current of the craps game.

Making Less Craps Bets Is the Key

When you take a moment to look at all those different bets on the craps table, you probably think that making more bets is the fastest winning craps strategy. This is the wrong approach. To get off to a good start you need to scale back your betting and focus on fewer bets with a higher winning percentage.

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Having too much money riding on a single hand of craps is never a good idea. You will risk too much of your bankroll for a poor chance to win high-risk bets. Yes, you may get lucky here and there. But if you are always swimming against the current of the craps game you will drown. Go with the flow.

There are two bets which offer the lowest house edge per roll. These are the Pass and Don’t Pass line bets. This means that the casino has a lower advantage when you play these two wagers. If you want to win money quickly at craps, begin by keeping your bets to the Pass and Don’t Pass line.

The House Advantage for Pass Line Bets

When you bet on the Pass Line in craps there is a house edge of 0.42% per roll. This is one of the lowest house edge bets in the entire casino. It makes craps the best table game in the casino with the exception of blackjack. When you count cards in blackjack and use basic blackjack strategy, you can actually lower the house edge and perhaps even gain the advantage to a small degree.

Why is the house edge on the Pass Line bet so low? If a player rolls a 7 or an 11 on the come out roll, the bet wins. There are more ways to make a 7 with the dice than any other number in the game. That is why the game of craps is based upon a 7, and it is why that number statistically appears more than any other number.

If a 7 is not rolled on the come out roll, the player may set a point. This means that a number will need to be rolled again before the bet is won. At this point the house edge increases a little. Still, betting with the shooter on the Pass Line is a way to minimize your risk and increase winnings.

The House Advantage for Don’t Pass Line Bets

There is a bet with even a lower house edge than the Pass Line bet. It is the Don’t Pass Line bet. In this bet you are wagering against the shooter. You are betting the shooter will either crap out on the first roll or before a point can be set. The overall house edge per roll for the Don’t Pass Line is just 0.40%. That’s about as good as it will ever get when you are playing a game of craps.

If you want to have a pretty good chance to make fast wins at craps, choose to bet the Don’t Pass line. Just remember that streaks can occur. A shooter can get hot. You may win several hands in a row when playing craps online and betting against yourself. You have to recognize this and be willing to get out of the hand or adjust your betting.

Slow and Steady Profits at Craps

How can we claim that something is the fastest winning craps strategy when it calls for a slow and steady approach to making profits? After all, when you win a line bet you are just doubling your original wager in most cases. Betting the table minimum and hoping to win a large sum of money can be tedious.

If you are patient, the wins will come. This is far better than building up a string of losses. Losses will demoralize you and make you want to quit. They will also cause you to doubt the proven strategies that you are using. When this happens you are doomed to fail in grand style.

Faster Profits With Odds Bets

The standard practice today is for casinos to offer free odds bets that are made behind the line. Some casinos may allow you to take odds of up to 100X your line bet. This can be a way to make a faster profit when you are sticking to the minimum wagers.

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What you have to remember is that some numbers in craps are going to hit more often than others. There is no way around this. So, if you are trying to make the 6 or the 8 as a point you will have a greater chance than you would of trying to make the 5 or the 9. The reason for this is that there are more ways to make the 6 or the 8 than there are of making the 5 or the 9.

We are not saying that taking an odds bets is always a good idea. Sometimes you might want to make a place bet instead. But odds bets pay better, and the generous limits of most casinos make them a good choice.

This article is not meant to be a discussion of free odds bets. The subject is a deep one that should be explored thoroughly before you decide to make any of those wagers.

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