The 3 or 11 Bet in Craps

Anyone that loves craps knows that the game is filled with many exciting bets. There are proposition bets, line bets, place bets and more. One of the many you will encounter as a player is the 3 or 11 bet in craps.

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You can easily spot where to make this bet on the craps table. Just look for the box that says 3 or 11. What we want to determine is the usefulness of this bet. Is it one that you should be making when playing online craps for real money?

About the 3 or 11 Craps Bet

This bet works in much the same manner as the field bet in craps. Instead of wagering on one of the field numbers to come up on the next roll, you are betting that a 3 or 11 will appear. You can wager from $1 to $100 or more on this one-roll bet.

A 3 or 11 craps bet is only good on the next roll of the dice. If any number except the 3 or the 11 comes up, you lose. If a 3 or 11 shows, you will be paid according to the odds offered by the casino.

Beginners at craps tend to love the 3 or 11 bet. For one, it is easy to make. You just put down the chip or chips which corresponds to the amount you want to bet and await the next roll. There isn’t a lot of thinking that goes into the bet, and players don’t have to worry about it working on multiple rolls.

Casinos throw in many such bets to entice new players to make wagers. Of course, all wagers are not in the best interest of the player. This bet is one of those. Let’s look at the odds.

The Casino Loves the 3 or 11 Bet – Here’s Why

Overall it is true that craps offers some of the best odds in the entire casino when it comes to table games. If you stick to the proper bets you will have a decent chance to break even at craps or at least make a small profit. To offset this, casinos also make sure that there are plenty of sucker bets to go around.

The house edge on this craps wager is a huge 11.11%. That makes it one of the worst bets in the whole casino, not just at the craps table. If you point this out to the casino they will probably counter with how much you stand to win if the bet comes in. The actual odds on the bet are 17-1. If you win the payoff will be at 15-1.

If this is true, you ask, then why do some people seem to love the bet? It offers action. Those with a fondness for gambling love to have action on every roll of the dice. The line bet is not enough for them at times. Instead of sitting there waiting for the point to come in, they want to have a betting interest on the very next roll.

What Makes the 3 or 11 So Hard to Win?

In the simplest of terms it is hard to win this craps bet because there are so few ways to make a 3 or an 11 on the dice. Both numbers can be made in just two ways. The 11 is made by rolling a 6-5 or a 5-6. The 3 is made by rolling a 2-1 or a 1-2.

Compare that with the number of ways that can be used to make a 7. 1-6, 2-5, 3-4, 4-3, 5-2, and 6-1 means that you can roll a 7 in any of six ways. This is why the number 7 appears so often in the game of craps. The numbers that appear more often overall are also more likely to appear on the very next roll.

By visiting CrapsPit, I hope you learn how to play craps, by studying the Craps Rules before you venture off to Play Craps Online. Here we also offer a free craps game, great to practice placing bets.

Are there any numbers that are worse to bet than the 3 or 11? There are actually just two numbers that are equally hard for the player to roll. These are the 2 and the 12. Each can be made only two ways.

Profitable Ways to Play the 3 or 11 Bet in Craps

Those who are looking for a profitable way to play the 3 or 11 bet in craps are in for a tough task. About the only thing we could suggest would be to play the bet at an online casino. This is because the table minimums can be less when playing online. You can probably make the bet for as little as $1. At least you won’t be burning through your bankroll.

The most profitable way to play this bet is to avoid it altogether. Avoiding a loss is just as good as a win. Instead, spend your time studying the articles we have at Craps Pit. You’ll learn about more effective craps betting strategies.