PWA Casinos

PWA Casinos

There is new type of mobile web application that could have a huge impact upon gaming technologies. PWA, or Progressive Web Applications, are expected to change the way casinos are presented on mobile devices. This technology is working to make mobile casino gaming more realistic and exciting for the player. Stick around at CrapsPit to learn more.

What is a PWA?

PWAs are a new generation of mobile applications. Named Progressive Web Apps, PWAs bridge a gap that has long existed between traditional applications and mobile websites. The goal is to bring all the features that can be accessed in an online app to a mobile platform while creating a more seamless, pleasant experience for the user.

PWAs can function independently of app stores, so they can be easier for users to install. The packages are also lighter and more compact, meaning that they require less space on a mobile device.

How Do PWA Relate to Online Casinos?

An ongoing challenge for online casinos is adapting their product to a mobile-friendly platform. A majority of people today are accessing the Internet with a mobile device. That is also true among online gamblers. They want to be able to play all of their favorite online casino games for real money on a phone or tablet.

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PWAs make it easy for an individual to use an online casino’s app. The casino can offer it right from their website. A simple and quick download is offered to players, and within just a few minutes the player has all the online casino action they want in the palm of their hand. Practice at Sun Palace, Casino Max, or Slots Plus to later play craps for real money.

The Benefits of PWA Casinos

PWAs have the potential to solve a number of problems that have plagued the online casino industry for many years. The biggest benefit of this new technology is an improvement to the user experience. With a PWA an online casino can move forward with an improved and expanded mobile product.

Players have complained that online casino apps do not offer all of the features found in the traditional application. Many casinos have a mobile version of their website, but it may not include all of the games that are usually found in the regular online casino. There may also be limited banking options. Live dealer games are not possible on may mobile online casino apps today. A PWA has the potential to solve all of the problems and more.

These apps are also very responsive. They are able to adjust to the screen size and resolution of many devices. That means that a single app can deliver a quality experience to more users. It also provides for consistency across the spectrum of devices which are used to play mobile casino games.

PWAs, as we mentioned above, are also very small when compared to regular mobile apps. A problem in the past with online casino apps has been size limitations. Online casinos could not offer their entire selection of games in a mobile app. The app would simply be too large to download. A PWA uses far less space.

Are Certain Devices Required for PWA Casinos?

A PWA is able to function independently of a specific system. In other words, the PWAs can be used on virtually all devices no matter the operating system. This includes both Android and iOS devices. Compatibility issues are resolved by PWA technology.

It also bears mentioning again that PWAs can be downloaded right from an online casino website. There is no need to search out the app in the App Store or Google Play. That gives developers more flexibility in terms of how the apps are delivered.

How Many PWA Casinos Are Out There and How Do I Find Them?

This type of mobile web application technology is still very new. At the present time it is being used by only a few casinos. As PWAs are launched by more online casinos it is expected that the technology will be embraced by a large number of gaming providers. The future could even hold partnerships between gaming companies and gaming providers in the development of these apps.

You can check back here to find out the latest about PWA casinos. We will always strive to be your source of the most up-to-date information on all aspects of the online casino industry. In the meantime, check the following safe online casinos.