Craps Cheaters Go Bust!

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In Cleveland, Judge Kelly Gallagher sentenced two of three men who cheated at the Jack Casino in Cleveland on 25 July 2015 to return the money they cheated the casino out of at craps and to serve probation for five years. The third man has not yet been identified.

Cuyahoga County prosecutors and the Ohio Casino Commission brought the case before a grand jury, and the grand jury indicted the cheaters in October of 2015. The perps, Ken Young and Lonnie Bridges, were convicted of cheating the casino out of about $39,000 by using a scam known as “sliding the dice.” <source>

The assistant prosecutor of Cuyahoga County, Jonathan Block, explained that the perps would slide the dice across the table instead of rolling them. The cheat team comprised three people: a shooter and two bettors. They would take turns as shooter and bettors as part of the normal rotation around the table. As the table’s stickman pushed the dice to the member of the team who was next to shoot, the other two would toss in chips to make last-second bets just as the shooter reached down to pick up the dice.

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Because the dealers scrambled to gather the bettors chips and place them in their proper positions on the table layout, they were distracted from watching the shooter shoot the dice. This is where the shooter took advantage of the opportunity to slide the dice across the table. Before sliding them, the shooter would quickly and effortlessly position the dice with pre-determined numbers facing upwards.

As you can guess, the bettors would bet on the same pre-determined number. By the time the dealers were ready to look to see what number appeared, the dice had already come to rest showing the pre-determined number. The bettors cheered as the dealers paid their winning bets.

The Craps scam was tipped off by a worker who notified security. It’s unknown if the “worker” was the table’s boxman, whose job it is to scrutinize all aspects of the game including the shooter as he rolls the dice. Actually, if the boxman had done is job correctly, he would have caught the slider the very first time it happened, called a “no roll,” and warned the shooter to roll the dice and hit the table’s back wall instead of sliding them. <Source>

Obviously, that didn’t happen. The cheaters shot over 22 rolls in a few hours and won about $18,000 on their last roll.

Apparently, none of the innocent players at the table noticed or cared enough to report the cheats. So, here’s a moral question for you… if you’re an innocent player not involved in a cheating scam, and if you observed a cheater while playing craps, and if you were winning because of the cheating, would you quietly bring the scam to the dealers’ attention, or would you let it happen and take advantage of it as long as it lasted? Comment below!