3 Point Molly D’ont

Don’t pass bet & 2 don’t come bets

Here is how i play the 3 point molly

  • make a don’t pass bet
  • If it’s a 4 or 10, lay 2x odds
  • If it’s a 5 or 9, lay 1.5x odds
  • If it’s a 6 or 8 do not lay odds
  • Follow with a don’t come until you have 3 points working for you.
  • If a point is lost, make another don’t come (keeping 3 points up at all times)

I’ve been running this approach with a $200 bankroll, using $10 bets. once at $400, I increase my initial bets to $20. Once I reach $800, I pull back $200 (leaving me with $600) & repeat the approach to $800, pulling back $200 every time I’m in the neighborhood of $800. if you want to get aggressive, increase your initial bet to $50 once you reach $1000.

This is less aggressive than my 3-point molly (do) approach, but it has been far more effective in practice.