3 Point Molly D’ont

Don’t pass bet & 2 don’t come bets

Here is how i play the 3 point molly

  • make a don’t pass bet
  • If it’s a 4 or 10, lay 2x odds
  • If it’s a 5 or 9, lay 1.5x odds
  • If it’s a 6 or 8 do not lay odds
  • Follow with a don’t come until you have 3 points working for you.
  • If a point is lost, make another don’t come (keeping 3 points up at all times)

I’ve been running this approach with a $200 bankroll, using $10 bets. once at $400, I increase my initial bets to $20. Once I reach $800, I pull back $200 (leaving me with $600) & repeat the approach to $800, pulling back $200 every time I’m in the neighborhood of $800. if you want to get aggressive, increase your initial bet to $50 once you reach $1000.

This is less aggressive than my 3-point molly (do) approach, but it has been far more effective in practice.


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  1. I use this method to some success also but it seems to me that when you increase your bankroll from $200 to $400 that it makes more mathematical sense to increase what your laying as odds instead of increasing your initial don’t pass bet. Simple reasoning is that once a point is established, your odds are paying “True Odds” and your only at an odds disadvantage on the come out. So why ever increase your come out until you reach table limits with your odds bets?

    1. Hello Troy!
      Thank you for your comments and tips. The method was submitted by Justin in the past and is a good starting point. Tweaking it as you recommend makes sense and glad you shared your experience.

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