3 Number Progression, Regression

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First of all, my 3 Number Progression, Regression system is designed to accommodate a bankroll of $400-$2000 based on the premise of one in 10 shooters do well and win cash.

For a $400 bankroll, I make a pass line bet of $5 with $10 odds and place two inside numbers for two units. I usually pick the 6 or 8 unless one of them is the point, in which case I pick 5 or 9. So, let’s say the point is 5. I have $5 on the pass line, $10 odds, and $12 on 6 and $12 on 8. This is an initial bet of $39. If 6 or 8 hits, I increase the bet to $18 on 6 and $18 on 8, giving me $2 back, so if the next roll is a 7, I’m down $37. If the next roll is a 6 or 8, I come down to $6 on 6 and $6 on 8. This gives me $21 for win, and $24 back by decreasing my bets, a total of $45. So, now I’m ahead $8 and am still on 3 numbers. From that moment on I press the bets until he 7s out.

This way, after 2 rolls, I’m ahead and can’t get hurt by the 7. If you work with an $800 bankroll, you can start with $10 on the pass line, $20 odds, $24 on the 6 and 8 ($78 total). After a 6 or 8, I go up to $36 each and get $4 back. The second hit, I go down to $18 each and get $78 back ($42 for hitting 6 or 8 and $36 for going down from $36 each to $18 each). Now I’m ahead $4 after 2 rolls and have $18 on the 6 and 8 and my pass line bet and odds bet in play for “free” so to speak. You can step up the bets depending on your bankroll.

In any event, I’ve found the beauty of the system is that after hitting my place bets twice, I’m ahead no matter what happens and still am in good position to take advantage of a hot roll. Of course, if he seven outs before he hits my place bets twice, I lose, but if all the rolls are going to be like that then the only way one would win is to play the “don’ts”.

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