132 Inside Bet

A variation of the 22 Inside or the 66 Inside strategies. You’ll probably need to bring $300 to $500 to the table to begin play if you will use the 132 inside bet method.

I’ve had success with the 66 Inside Method and thought that this 132 Inside Method may be even better.If you make it through just one out of two rollers, you’ll still be up a few dollars. I recently went three times the whole way through without pressing and walked away from the table with over $500!

Begin by not playing a Pass Line nor Don’t Pass Line bet. Place $132 Inside ($30 on 5, $36 on 6, $36 on 8, and $30 on 9).

1) First hit, collect $42.
2) Second hit, collect $42.
3) Immediately take bets down to 66 Inside ($15 on 5, $18 on 6, $18 on 8, and $15 on 9).
4) Regardless of what happens next, you’ve made at least $18.
5) First hit, collect $21.
6) Second hit, collect $21.
7) Immediately take bets down to 22 Inside ($5 on 5, $6 on 6, $6 on 8, and $5 on 9).
8) Regardless of what happens next, you’ve made at least $104.
9) Now you can either press additional hits or collect $7 until “7” ruins the run.


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  1. I like this strategy and am planning to try it out at the casino this week, starting with a $400 bankroll. I’ve been testing it on some various simulators (which all pretty much suck except for WinCraps). I’m a newbie to Craps and still getting to know that program, btw.

    Anyway, the issue with this strategy is my local casino (and I’d imagine many others) has a $10 min bet, so the 3rd regression down to $22 inside would have to be at least $44, which is ok, but does leave you a little more exposed at higher roll counts where the 7 becomes more and more likely to hit. After I regress to $44 inside and hit twice, I start pressing bets until the streak stops. I’ve had streaks up to 35 rolls, but after that one craps out, the 7’s get pretty common. (I’ve seen 4 in a row, which really hurts at $132 a pop!).

    I think if you manage to get through a few shooters with at least 4 hits, you should strongly consider bowing out after your next hot streak craps out. You should have made at least $300 by then.

    Another issue (maybe not at the casino, but most of the programs seem to assume this rule) is the shooter is required to have a pass line bet active, which throws off this strategy a little, as well.

    1. Hello Chris, Thank you for your insight and tips! It is greatly appreciated and I hope others take a few minutes to also contribute here or on other pages! Best Regards!

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