Casino Cheats and Thieves: The Simpler the Better

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Casino theft is still a big problem, even with today’s sophisticated surveillance equipment and techniques.  The three biggest thorns poking at the casinos are theft by casino insiders, theft by customers who snatch-and-run, and cheaters at table games, especially the craps tables. Surprisingly, the simplest rip-offs are the most difficult to spot and prevent.  In 2015, the Gaming Control Board … Read More

Gambling and Taxes: Pay Them or Pay the Price

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Casino Winnings Tax

A wise man once said, “The income tax created more criminals than any other single act of government.” We here at the Crapspit say, “You wanna play, you gotta pay.” Taxes, that is. Yes, gambling winnings are taxable. Yes, you must report them on your Form 1040 which can be downloaded from here It doesn’t matter how much or … Read More

Legal Gambling

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The United States are a country that has the toughest gambling laws and the most liberal. In some states gambling is strictly forbidden while you can bet on almost anything. Despite this, USA has more casinos than any other country in the world. There are almost 1500 gambling facilities in total. The state that many of us associate with gambling … Read More