Never Surrender If the Dice Don’t Cooperate

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Just as you’ll experience hot rolls at the table where you can win gobs of money, you’ll also experience cold streaks where you might lose a big chunk of your buy-in.  Don’t let those cold streaks discourage you.  The key is to minimize your losses during the cold streaks and maximize your winnings during the hot ones, which is the subject of another article.  This article teaches you to have the discipline not to surrender your entire buy-in if the craps dice don’t cooperate during a particular session.

Suppose you login to your favorite online casino to play craps, choose a low-limit $1 table, and decide to limit this session to $20.  (Remember, we’ve done the homework for you and found what we believe are the best online casinos based on overall game play, user friendliness, customer service, and reputation.  So, if you haven’t decided which online casino to choose, check out the ones promoted on our website.)  When playing craps online, I suggest always setting a loss limit before you even login.  Your account balance may be $500, but that doesn’t mean you should risk it all during a single session.  Setting a loss limit for a particular session when playing online is like buying-in at a live casino.  For example, you may go to Vegas with $2000 cash in your pocket, but the buy-in for your first craps session will only be $100.  You won’t drop your entire $2000 on the table that very first session.  Setting a loss limit when playing online is like having a set buy-in at a live table.  Once you set your loss limit, have the discipline to stick to it.  Don’t dig into your pocket (i.e., your account) for another $20 if you’re unlucky that session.

Suppose, after two hours you’re still playing within your original $20 loss limit, but the dice just aren’t cooperating and have whittled your virtual chip stack down to $4 (remember, your loss limit is $20 and if you lose it all during this session, you’re not going to dig into your account for more).  The dice are choppy and you haven’t seen a warm roll, let alone a hot one, in an hour and a half.  Although you’re a knowledgeable caps player and you know losing is as much a part of the game as winning, you can’t help but feel lousy.  Everyone feels lousy when they lose, whether it’s playing craps, poker, sports, the lottery, or anything.  You begin to wonder why you even logged on tonight instead of going out for a beer.  You played rock solid but it didn’t work tonight.

You hate to lose, even if it’s only $20.  You want to win so badly that you lose control of your common sense.  You have $4 remaining from your $20 loss limit so you think you can hit a big bet and win it all back in one roll.  You know you’re supposed to stay away from all proposition bets because of their gigantic house advantages, but you’re tired of losing and you’re tired of sitting in your chair in front of your computer screen.  (Funny how you never get tired of sitting in your chair when you’re winning.)  Thoughts of making a Hard 10 bet start slithering into your brain.  You move the mouse pointer over to the Hard 10 bet and you can feel your index finger putting pressure on the mouse button to spend the last remaining $4 on a Hard 10 bet.  Stop!

You must never surrender, never think, “I’m sick of losing, I’m going to put the rest on the Hard 10 and, if I lose, then I’ll quit.  But if I win, I’ll be right back where I started.”  That kind of thinking is just plain dumb.  It shows weakness, lack of discipline and control.  You shouldn’t play craps if you’re weak and undisciplined.  If you do, you’ll eventually lose your entire bankroll.  You must always remain a strong, rock-solid player, even when you’re having a dreaded losing session.  You’ll win one of those idiotic proposition bets once in a while, but you won’t win enough of them over time to overcome your losses.  If you can’t accept losing occasionally, then you have no business playing craps.  If you can’t stomach losing a particular session, then quit that session.  Stay positive and don’t lose sight of the fact, even if you lose your entire $20 loss limit tonight, you still had two hours of entertainment for only $20.  Learn to enjoy the game even when losing.  Losing is part of the game.  Just as in life, there’s no good without evil, no sweet without sour.  You can’t have hot winning streaks without cold ones.  Don’t pee your money away on a bad bet like a Hardway bet hoping to win all your money back in one lucky roll.

If you’re having a dreadful session, accept defeat and stop playing.  Save the $4 that you have left from your $20 loss limit.  Don’t give it to the casino by making a stupid bet.  Over time, all those $4 that you saved at the end of losing sessions will add up to a lot.  Never give your last few dollars of your buy-in to the casino by making stupid bets.  Never surrender! Check out some safe reviewed casino such as Sun Palace, Casino Max, or Slots Plus to play craps for real money. We also have a bonus guide, and some Craps FAQ.

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