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We do not believe in the notion of dice control and you can read our article such as the one on “dice control scam” to see why we do not.  On this page we will share views of our readers who believe in dice control. Read our articles on dice control and decide what you want to believe!

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DECEMBER 2015 Comments & Messages

Dice man submitted

Yes dice control works! My 2 brothers and I play once a week and we constantly outperform random rollers. Is it perfect, no, but it can give you an edge over just random!

Jangoo2 submitted

I know you’re mind is already set, and nothing anyone says will change that. But I can tell you that dice control is not a scam. I’m living proof of it. Is it easy? No. Like anything else, if you want to be great at something, it takes time and practice. I practice my throws on a daily basis and it shows when I go to the casinos. Anyone who thinks they can read a book, and then go to the casinos and win a ton of money will be in for a BIG disappointment. I learned about dice control on the internet, all the information I received didn’t cost me anything. Practice sets? Build your own. It’s not that hard or expensive. But I like nay sayers like yourself. The worse thing that can happen is saturating casinos with true dice control players. So please continue convincing people dice control is a scam, and I’ll continue winning at the casinos.


FEBRUARY 2016 Comments & Messages


Whoever wrote this seems extremely disgruntled about something he obviously knows nothing about. Are you mad because you’re a loser at craps or something? Get a grip man, just don’t gamble if that’s the case. Lmao

APRIL 2016 Comments & Messages


Well I am a believer in dice influence and I’m sure an online casino would be bias against such belief as it would negate anyone from going online to play craps. What certainty does the online player have that the online dice are rolling randomly, what guarantee is provided and how would it be proven? I’d argue that the online “dice outcome” model would not allow a 50 hand roll, let alone a 20 roll as the math is just to pure to provide.

In regard to dice influence, it is fine with me if you or anyone does not believe and I am able to throw the dice fast enough for no one to care. So leave me alone and let me play live, it’s more fun anyway.

JULY 2016 Comments & Messages


I have been practicing dice control for a while now. The average is a 7 every 6 rolls. My best has been 30 and 42 rolls before seeing a 7. If you practice it can be done.


December 2016 Comments & Messages


There’s ALWAYS a group of people who don’t believe so they come out calling everyone else idiots, dummies, SCAM artists or whatever many names to make them feel better. I know “dice control” isn’t a real thing but I also know that when I 1st started to play craps, I would just grab the dice and throw hoping for any number but a 7. Except on the come out roll. I pretty much played as the casinos expected and want. I then changed to actually setting my dice, throwing a certain way and on every one of my throws I now have an expected result. Of course, I don’t get what I expect 100% the time but depending on the expectation, I get what I expect 20% to 50% of the time. For instance, I set the dice with the all 7 sets on a come out roll and bet the hop 7s. About 40% of the time I g et a 7. The odds of rolling a 7 added to the setting of the dice and maybe getting a perfect throw increases to a level worthy of a hop bet.

It’s much better than just jerking off the dice and throwing. If a throw is perfect and the dice rotates correctly, it hits the table and barely rolls to the base of the back wall ( where there’s no pyramids ) then the odds of what numbers come up are drastically changed. Sure no one can throw that perfect throw every time but it’s the slight advantage if you do that makes it worth it to practice.

I’ve been playing craps for just over 2 years and only setting my dice for the last 6 months. More times than not, I go at least 15 rolls before I hit a 7 ( not counting where I try to hit the 7 on a come out roll ) The way I bet, once I go 4 rolls deep, I am even and the money on the table is the casinos money. It’s very rare that I don’t can’t go 4 rolls after setting point. Sometimes the dice does hit some chips or I lose focus and throw right against the back wall hitting those pyramids.
It’s not TOTAL dice control but it’s more control than jerking and throwing.


July 2017 Comments & Messages


I believe in dice control. Do I believe the majority of people that take the class and/or try it can master it? No. If you teach a 10,000 kids how to play baseball…how many will become Mike Trout? I’ve used the dice set and toss that golden touch teaches and have had some really great rolls. I’ve rolled the All, Small, Tall on numerous occasions and have had the best roll of my life (42 rolls 12 of which were 6’s) using this method. I’ve also rolled the point and sevened out 3 rolls later. So, yes it’s no guarantee that you will succeed every time you go to the casino, but if it helps out and if you practice over and over, I do believe it can be an added benefit. I’ve also seen other students use the roll and have some really great rolls. I’ve been at the tables in AC with some of the instructors and pretty much made back my class fee within 20 minutes off of one of their rolls. Could have been luck? Sure, but it didn’t hurt compared to if I just rolled the dice as I have been for over 30 years and sometimes won but more times lost.