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T here are a lot of different craps system players can use. Some of the craps strategies are based on safe play but have a low payout. That means that you are not putting a lot of money at risk but you won’t win big either. Other systems are more risky. Those systems suit players that are not afraid of wagering a large portion of their bankroll, but on the other hand they get the chance to win a lot of money.

Below you will find craps strategies / systems. I will give you an insight in to many betting systems that I people have used over the years. Some of them are classic craps strategies that have been around for a long time. Others are ones that have been created by people and submitted to be posted here. If you have a craps betting strategy that you wish to share with other craps players then send me an email to You can read more about craps sytems in the article “craps systems & craps pros

** CrapsPit visitor submitted system or asked for permission to include their craps strategy.
*** Systems used with authors permission

An asterisk next to a system is not an endorsement or rating. It means just what it says above this sentence.

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