Cold Craps Tables

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When two shooters in a row seven out, I start betting according to the cold craps table system. When I determine that the table is cold, I bet in the following way. In another post I discuss the hot craps tables!

make two $5 don’t come bets. I’ll lay full odds if either or both are the four or ten. If neither don’t come bet or only one don’t come bet is on the four or ten, I’ll wait until that number ( four or ten ) is thrown and then I’ll make a $40 no four or no ten on that number.

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For example: I have a don’t come on the five and a don’t come on the four. Shooter throws a ten and I’ll bet a $40 no ten. I’ll increase my don’t come bet and make an additional don’t come bet every time a shooter sevens out.Sometimes there will be a lot of numbers thrown before the shooter sevens out. In that case, I would make a $5 don’t pass bet with full odds on the four or ten. For every don’t pass bet won, I would increase my bet by one unit and lay the full odds on the four or ten.

When the shooter makes a point, I bet according to the choppy to semi-cold system.When two points in a row are made, I’ll start to bet the hot system.

An example of my system

I see it’s a cold table, so I make two $5 don’t come bets. The first don’t come is a four, so I lay $20 odds. The second don’t come is a six. Now I wait for the seven, which shows, giving me a win for both bets. Next shooter establishes a point. I make my two don’t come bets and he hits on of them. I get a third don’t come bet established and he sevens out after throwing a lot of numbers, giving me a win on two of the three bets.

Fearing a lot of numbers, I make a don’t pass bet and lay full odds if the point is a four or ten. The shooter rolls about six numbers before sevening out. I win my don’t pass bet, so for the next shooter I would increase my don’t pass by one unit. Every time the shooter sevens out, I would increase my don’t come/pass bet by one unit. If the shooter makes the point, I would start to bet according to the choppy to semi-cold system.

  • Johnny Caruso

    The cold strategy system i employ is once the dice have gone completely around the table with no new shooters added and appear to be either a cold or choppy table i imply a margialin system of dont bets but only one for each shooter example
    1) DP $10 shooter one if he throws a 3 or two or craps out i repeat this bet on shooter 2
    2)if shooter one hits a 7 or 11 or 12 on come out roll or hits there point i simply wait for next shooter
    3)on next shooter i double my bet from $10 to $20 and if they hit there point then i continue this process for each shooter.
    4) that theory here is with 7 shooters shooting one of them will either hit a crap point minus 12 or crap out on there first roll always securing me a prifit of $10 bankroll needed for this is $1270,..For shooters that you feel good about being ice cold simply wait for the dice to come back around to them..Never bet on a shooters entire roll instead wait until he falls off point and tey to double up on him next time the dice come vack to him use the same stragegy above except apply to one person instead betting only there first roll,this strategy is good for when theres just four or so players at the table and the dice will come back fairly quickly to a particular shooter.Have fun.and good luck