Gambler’s Fallacy : Bad theory, poor mathematics, unreasonable statistics, nonsense ?

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gamblers fallacy example

At CrapsPit we have 2 posts about Gambler’s Fallacy and this makes for a third which is a reply to a post posted by a user in which the user states “Gambler’s Fallacy for what it is… bad theory, poor mathematics, unreasonable statistics and pure nonsense.” Here Don’t let the Gambler’s Fallacy Hook You. Gambler’s Fallacy Clarified : Providing examples … Read More

Craps Terms

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There are many craps terms that may look and sound strange to those who haven’t played craps before. If you need an explanation to any of the terms used in the game of craps, please look in the dictionary below. Any Craps – A bet that the shooter will get 2, 3 or 12 on the next roll. The bet … Read More