Bubble Craps Machine

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shoot to win craps

e’re starting to receive questions about a fairly new variety of craps called “Bubble Craps.” We here at the Crapspit avoid this game (we explain why in a moment), so we don’t know the details of how to work the user display, the payoffs, etc., but we can provide a basic description so you can then decide if it might … Read More

Don’t Fight a Cold Table, Adapt to It

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ew things make you feel as lousy as when you’re playing the Pass Line at a cold craps table.  The distribution variance has turned against you and nothing goes your way as you lose every bet you make.  You begin thinking that the casino made some kind of deal with the devil to make the dice land every which way … Read More

Cold Craps Tables

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A new page about cold craps tables has been added to the site! When two shooters in a row seven out, I start betting according to the cold craps table system. When I determine that the table is cold, I bet in the following way. In another post I discuss the hot craps tables! make two $5 don’t come bets. … Read More

Craps Table Layout Overview

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Layout of a Craps Table Craps can be an extremely intimidating game. The lingo is completely indecipherable without prior experience, there are a number of faux pas a player can commit without knowing that can turn everyone at the table against him, and the large crowd gathered around the table makes everything you do feel highly scrutinized. But once you … Read More

Hot Craps Table & Cold Craps Table

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Choppy to semi-hot tables When I first start to play craps, I watch the rolls of the first two shooters. If they are throwing a lot of numbers before making a point or sevening out, I determine that the table is choppy or turning hot. I then adjust my bets accordingly. If there are a lot of numbers being thrown … Read More