$22 inside on the Come Out Roll

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Here is the 22 inside Bet for the come out roll IntroBankroll needed——place $22 inside on the come out roll, no other bet at this time $44 inside if 7 shows, 7 again, place $110 inside and double up from their, after first number hit on first time roll on this shooter you put a bet on the don’t come … Read More

2 Hits and Out Craps System

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The craps strategy here is to buy the 4 and 10, place the 5,6,8 and 9. You stay on for 2 hits and then tell the dealer to take you down. The tough thing about this method is when you take your bets down and the shooter keeps rolling number after number. It happens. Shrug your shoulders and wait for … Read More

Trade-in Strategy

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The Craps “trade-in” system >Submitted by visitor  November 17th 2012 Want to share a very simple craps betting strategy/system. I have won every time I go to Vegas! Once I make 50 percent of my bankroll I walk. Bet the don’t pass. Take max odds on 2-10 5-9.Never 6-8- because your trading in this number) IF the point is 6-8- … Read More

132 Inside Bet

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A variation of the 22 Inside or the 66 Inside strategies. You’ll probably need to bring $300 to $500 to the table to begin play if you will use the 132 inside bet method. I’ve had success with the 66 Inside Method and thought that this 132 Inside Method may be even better.If you make it through just one out … Read More

3 Point Molly D'ont

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Don’t pass bet & 2 don’t come bets Here is how i play the 3 point molly make a don’t pass bet If it’s a 4 or 10, lay 2x odds If it’s a 5 or 9, lay 1.5x odds If it’s a 6 or 8 do not lay odds Follow with a don’t come until you have 3 points … Read More