44 inside craps

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For the 44 inside craps system you place the 5 and 9 for $10 each, 6 and 8 for $12 each, $44 inside and lay $40 each on the 4 and 10. After any hit on an inside number you take down the 5 and 9. Now if a 7 shows you win. If the dice don’t land your way … Read More

4 hits for 1 point

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Normally I will make a $6 Place Bet on the No. 6 (My favorite Number) You can bet any number you like. If a six rolls, the win is $7. I press the bet to $12 and receive $1 rebate. If the 6 rolls again, the win is $14 + the initial $12, I add $4 and press to $30. … Read More

4,2 doey don't craps system

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First, money management is the key. Remember that if you play the game correctly you basically have a 50-50 bet. If you play craps over time, you will be up $$ half the time, and down $$ half the time. The key with the 4, 2 Doey-Don’t system is to leave the table when you are up (with a profit) and … Read More

4, 10 Point Progression

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Step 1. Buy in for $100. to $500. Wait for a 4 or 10 to get established. If you are a $100 buy in person you would place $54. across. That breaks down to 4 ($10) 5 ($10) 6 ($12) 8 ($12) 9 ($10), assuming the point is 10! You then let the shooter hit 2 numbers and then turn … Read More

$34 inside

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Here’s the system I use on the craps table to win money. You must start at a $350 buy-in or more, otherwise you’ll play scared. There are two ways to play this system based on how the table is running. You determine this by how many inside numbers are being thrown on average whether its 1-3 or 3-5. Chart the … Read More

$32 Across Martingale

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$32 across working on the come out, 5-5-6-6-5-5. On each collection take that unit down. 3 collections and all down until the next 7 and repeat. If hit with a 7 before 3 collections you Martingale your bets and do the same thing, 3 collections and all down and back to start. On the $32 across bet if you collect … Read More

3 Number Progression, Regression

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First of all, my 3 Number Progression, Regression system is designed to accommodate a bankroll of $400-$2000 based on the premise of one in 10 shooters do well and win cash. For a $400 bankroll, I make a pass line bet of $5 with $10 odds and place two inside numbers for two units. I usually pick the 6 or … Read More

3 Hit Climb

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Here’s a good method called the 3 hit climb, to try next time you go to casino. (1) By pass the come out, wait for shooter to get a point, then place the nine for $10. Lets say nine is a winner. You get back $14 for your $10 bet. Tell stickman to take your $10 and add the $14 … Read More

3 and out

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The point here is to win on any number thrown before a 7. You make a $10 bet on the 5, $12 on the 6, $12 on the 8 and $5 in the field. Now you have every number covered except the 7. What you want now is for three numbers to come up before a 7. You should take … Read More

2410 Craps Method

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2410 Craps Method to win Money explained here. Although this system in theory is a very very risky system , I have been extremely successful with it. I don’t by any means claim this system to be mine but I named it 2410 because you want 2 hits on the four or 10. You can choose the number of shooters … Read More