What happens to come bets when the passline point wins?

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For details on Come bets, including details about your question, please refer to our article on Come bets. The sample Come-bet scenario in that article helps make it easy to understand. Here’s a summary (but we highly suggest you read the article). Assuming your Come bet is on a different number than the point, when the shooter hits her point, … Read More

The “Free Odds” Bet in Craps

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I know what you’re thinking. When it comes to casino games, including craps, nothing is free, so what’s this “Free Odds” bet? Sounds like something you’d want to take advantage of, right? Absolutely! We explain the Free Odds bet in detail in our other articles about the Pass Line and Don’t Pass bets, but we wanted to summarize the material … Read More

Gambler’s Fallacy : Bad theory, poor mathematics, unreasonable statistics, nonsense ?

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gamblers fallacy example

At CrapsPit we have 2 posts about Gambler’s Fallacy and this makes for a third which is a reply to a post posted by a user in which the user states “Gambler’s Fallacy for what it is… bad theory, poor mathematics, unreasonable statistics and pure nonsense.” Here Don’t let the Gambler’s Fallacy Hook You. Gambler’s Fallacy Clarified : Providing examples … Read More

What Does It Mean to “Color” at the Craps Table? color in color up etc

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Online casino chips

Before a player leaves the craps table, especially after a winning session, you’ll typically see him place his chips in the apron and say “Color, please.” You might hear slight variations of the term, but they’re all fundamentally the same. For example, the most common forms are Color, Color In, Color Out, and Color Up. What does it mean and … Read More

Winning Systems & Craps Pros – No Such Things

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Winning system for craps

There’s no such thing as a consistently winning craps system. Accept it. Don’t be blinded by the false hope of beating the craps out of the casino that other websites try to peddle. Every book and Internet article by authors claiming to have a consistently winning craps system is pure bologna with one only purpose–transfer your hard-earned money from your … Read More

Which Bets are Good and Which Bets are Bad?

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No one can control the outcome of a craps dice roll (assuming legal dice are used).  No one!  And that includes all the dice-control hustlers on the Internet trying to convince you that their “proven” methods can give you a leg up on the casino (refer to our other lesson on dice control for all you need to know about … Read More

Hedging your Bets: Don’t Do It!

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hedge bets

“Hedging” is when a player makes one bet with the false belief that it can “protect” another bet.  The player’s naive logic is that it’s like diversifying his investment portfolio when he buys bonds to “protect” against losses he might experience with stocks (i.e., if his stocks go down and his bonds go up, then the net effect is no … Read More