$22 Split Craps System

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One of the systems I use is to place bet $22 inside. When the table is choppy or cold, I split the $22 between place and don’t come bets.

Variations of this style exist elsewhere. Here is how I play the $22 split.

Make a $6 place bet on both the six and eight right after the point is established. Then make a $5 don’t come and another right after that. If you haven’t had any yo’s, etc while you were making the dc bets, you should have 2 $6 place bets and 2 $5 dc bets working. When one of the place bets hits, I take both place bets down and leave the dc’s working for the life of the roll. If either or both of the dc’s is a 4 or 10, I lay full odds.

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